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“There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience."
    -Laurence J. Peter

Transportation Agencies with KM Initiatives

Table 6 provides brief descriptions of KM initiatives at federal and state transportation agencies. References and contacts (where available) are included for agencies wishing to find out further information about implementation approaches and results.

Table 6. KM Initiatives at Transportation Agencies




Alaska DOT&PF

Strategic workforce planning

Information management in support of KM

Amanda Holland, Division Operations Manager, Administrative Services - amanda.holland@alaska.gov

Alberta Transportation

Provincial KM framework and Leadership Development Program; "Business Knowledge and Coordination Unit" within Traffic and Safety Services Division

Colleen Delany, Policy and Information Analyst - colleen.delany@gov.ab.ca



Knowledge transfer activities under the agency's risk management function, in support of workforce and succession planning.

Michelle Tucker, Chief Risk and Ethics Officer - michelle.tucker@dot.ca.gov

Georgia DOT

Communities of Practice; Succession Management

Jeff Conrad, HR Program Manager - jconrad@dot.ga.gov

Kansas DOT

Field Inspector Mentor Program

Susan Barker, PE, Technology Transfer Engineer - SusanB@ksdot.org

Missouri DOT

Practical Design, Innovations Challenge, consolidated wiki-based policy and procedures manual, accelerated Leadership Development Program

Kathy Harvey, Assistant Chief Engineer - Kathy.Harvey@modot.mo.gov

Virginia DOT

KM Office, Communities of Practice, Lessons Learned, Business Process Analysis

Maureen Hammer, Knowledge Management Director - Maureen.Hammer@vdot.virginia.gov

Washington State DOT

Knowledge mapping, knowledge interviews, knowledge capture guidance, information management

Leni Oman, Knowledge Strategist - loman@wsdot.wa.gov


Wisconsin DOT

Guidance on low-cost KM techniques, after-action reviews, process documentation

Randy Sarver, Human Resources Director - randy.sarver@dot.wi.gov

USDOT Federal Aviation Admin.

Communities of Practice, Learning Throughout the Project Life Cycle (FAA calls their activities "organizational learning" rather than "KM"

Rick Wallace, Organizational Effectiveness Group Manager - rick.wallace@faa.dot.gov

USDOT Federal Highway Admin.

Discipline Support System - focal point for workforce planning, collaboration, and learning & development

Anne Audet, Director, Office of Human Resources - Anne.Audet@dot.gov

USDOT Federal Transit Admin.

Chief Knowledge Officer, Communities of Practice, After-Action Reviews, Knowledge Capture, Business Process Review/ Improvement, Knowledge Portal

Susan Camarena, Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer - Susan.Camarena@dot.gov

Arthur Dexter, Knowledge Resources Manager - Arthur.Dexter@dot.gov

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