Utah Workshop Agenda

Sandy, UT

November 6-7, 2017

Sponsored by FHWA

Day One


 7:30 AM


 8:00 AM


 8:20 AM

Workshop Overview and Purpose

 8:30 AM

The Utah Story

Assessment Results

 9:00 AM

Rulemaking Update

 9:10 AM

Overview of TPM Toolbox – Framework/Components, Capability Maturity Model, Guidebook, Self-Assessment

     9:30 AM

    Discussion of Assessment Results


    Performance Based Planning

    10:00 AM

    Presentation on Component 3, Performance-Based Planning

    10:20 AM

    Presentation on Component 4, Performance-Based Programming

    10:40 AM

    Exercise A: Discuss Performance-Based Planning maturity levels

     11:30 AM

    Group Report Out


     12:00 PM


    Performance-Based Programming

     1:00 PM

    Presentation by Doug McLeod, Florida DOT

    1:30 PM

    Exercise B: Discuss Performance-Based Programming maturity levels

     2:15 PM

    Group Report Out


    Identifying Action Items: Performance-Based Planning

     3:00 PM

    Presentation: How can TPM Toolbox tools help agencies begin identifying action items?

    3:05 PM

    Exercise C: Participants identify priority areas for TPM improvement.

     4:05 PM

    Group Report Out.

     4:30 PM

    Day 1 Wrap Up

    Day Two

    Changes to Individual Roles and Responsibilities

     7:30 AM

    Gain/Pain Exercise

     8:30 AM

    Group Report Out.


    TPM Toolbox Resources

     9:15 AM

    Presentation/discussion of resource base in TPM Toolbox.

    9:45 AM

    2x2 Exercise: Identify needed resources, and what can be contributed

     10:15 AM

    Groups share needs and opportunities to contribute.

    Additional Presentations

     10:45 AM

    Travel Time Reliability by Doug McLeod, Florida DOT.

     11:30 AM

    System Performance, Freight, CMAQ Performance Measures by Eric Pihl, FHWA Resouce Center.