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Knowledge Management Resources

This section includes a set of templates, examples, and additional references for KM implementation. It is organized according to the four major categories of KM Elements presented in Table 1.

Knowledge Management Resources


External Links

1. KM Leadership & Direction

KM Strategy (full version)

2. Social Learning and Communities

FHWA Discipline Support System – presentation Defense Acquisition University, Community of Practice Implementation Guide Educause Community of Practice Design Guide Wenger, Etienne, B. Trayner, M. de Laat, “Promoting and Assessing Value Creation in Communities and Networks” Centers for Disease Control Community of Practice Resources Social Network Analysis

3. Knowledge Codification and Dissemination

Knowledge Retention NASA APPEL Knowledge Sharing Initiative USAID After-Action Review Guide (Introduction/ Technical Guide)

4. Succession Management and Talent Management

United States Office of Personnel Management – Best Practices: Mentoring United States Office of Personnel Management Practitioner’s Guide – Talent Management Alberta Government Human Services, Succession Planning – Retaining Skills and Knowledge in Your Workforce

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